Mystery and Sample Boxes

Hello. Hello. Hello. 

Welcome to the very informative page about our specialty combination packages. I will explain our Mystery Boxes. We have a total of two Mystery Boxes. Priced at $20 and $75. In the boxes, you will find contents such as: 

  1. 6-ounce Candles
  2. 2-ounce Candles
  3. Handmade soaps
  4. Bath Bombs
  5. Tealight packs
  6. Wax Tart packs
  7. 1-ounce wax melt
  8. 2-ounce wax melt
  9. Tea (bagged or loose)

When you make the purchase we will have a package that is not identical to other Mystery Boxes that we have made. It will always be something unique and Exclusive. We have products that are solely exclusive to the Mystery Boxes. There are some items that have yet to be released, so once you purchase one of these, you will be one of the first to try out the products. That is a perk that we believe is worth the Luxury name. 

Note: Not every box will have every single one of these, some may have more of one item.

Feel free to browse around our site to get a feel of what it is that you may receive.