How may I contact you?

You may email Latrise Limited at Alexandrea.nelson83@gmail.com. 

Do you accept returns?

Items are sold with a 100% guarantee. Thus, at this current time, we will not be accepting returns. 

Are you on social media?


Instagram and Facebook @Latrise_Limited and @Alex_Zander_En

Twitter: @LatriseLimited

Youtube: @Alex En and @Alexandrea

Do your have a storefront?

No, currently there is no storefront. We will also make it known when we are at certain vendor events. If you have questions about a product, feel free to email the address above. 

Do you offer customizations?

Yes, we have a wax melt collection that allows for customizations. If you still have additional questions, send a message to Alexandrea.nelson83@gmail.com for detailed information. 

What shipping options do you offer?

Currently the parcel shipment company of choice is the USPS and UPS

What does your website sell?

Latrise Limited offers home fragrance, cosmetics, and wellness beverages. 

Are your candles safe?

Yes, all of the items sold at Latrise Limited are safe. As long as the customer follows the safety instructions to ensure a safe handling of the products. 

Are all of the products going to look identical?

Due to the fact that everything is handmade, expect some variations in design for most if not all items. 

Do you offer free samples?

Yes, of course. Free samples are included in every order placed by a customer. The free samples are handpicked by the owner of the company.