Latrise Limited was started in November 2019. Latrise Limited is founded by Alexandr'ea Nelson. I am a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign graduate; graduated from the College of Applied Health Science with a major in Community Health with concentrations of Health Planning and Administration & Health Education and Promotion.

I have always been a lover of the many items and practices which can enhance one's sense of self both inside of the outside. After countless hours and trial and error, I was was able to share my love for wellness to the world. This is truly when Latrise Limited was born. I specialize in handmade candles, bath bombs,  wax melts, soaps, and great tasting tea.

It may be said, how do candles affect someone's sense of self. Well, think about it. When a person makes a purchase for something that is not a necessity, rather it be something that they genuinely enjoy, it makes them feel good. I know personally, every time I would light a candle or melt a piece of wax, it made my day. That is an early step in happiness, enjoy the little things. Latrise Limited is about providing the materials for you to enjoy the little things and to help empower you to continue onto having a positive outlook on life. 


"To Enhance, Empower, and bring hope and peace to the many walks of life"