My name is Alexandr’ea Nelson and I am the owner of both Latrise Limited and Latrise Limited’s Closet. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a graduate from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I was at the college of  Applied Health Science with a major in Community Health with concentrations of Health Planning and Administration & Health Education and Promotion.

     I love to have fun and enjoy the little things in life. Some things that I do enjoy are walks in the park, watching both UFC fights and Charmed. I also enjoy getting a nice workout in during the day.  I also wanted to bring my passion of a relaxing and having a healthy lifestyle to other people, and that is where Latrise Limited  comes into play.

     I first started Latrise Limited in 2020. Latrise Limited is a bath and body business which features soaps, essential oil blends, bath bombs and more. I wanted to create natural, clean, and enjoyable products for everyone. I am very particular as to what I put on my body so my main focus was to make sure that clean products were a necessity in my business. After trying and testing out many products, I was able to finally narrow down my focus to what it is that you see here today. My products help to bring about happiness. 

     It may be said, how do candles affect someone's sense of self. Well, think about it. When a person makes a purchase for something that is not a necessity, rather it be something that they genuinely enjoy, it makes them feel good. I know personally, every time I would light a candle it made my day. That is an early step in happiness, enjoy the little things. Latrise Limited is about providing the materials for you to enjoy the little things and to help empower you to continue onto having a positive outlook on life. 

      When I finalized Latrise Limited, I wanted to venture out to add something else to my overall business. I wanted to create a brand that was set on empowering women and bringing about confidence. This is where Latrise Limited’s Closet made its arrival in 2022.

            Latrise Limited’s Closet is a women’s lingerie and sleepwear line which focuses on bringing about confidence and sexiness. Times have been very challenging these past couple of years and I want people to know that even though they may have felt defeated, they do not have to look it. My brand is about building confidence and letting women know that they are beautiful on the inside and out.

            The packaging of every order is done by solely me, with that being said, I make sure that it is an experience. I make sure to package up each order with love and care, because I am confident that you will love my products, the packaging is just icing on the cake. I hope you enjoy the products from both brands and are able to have a truly magical experience every time you support Latrise Limited or Latrise Limited’s Closet.


"To Enhance, Empower, and bring hope and peace to the many walks of life"