Sparkling Pieces Wax Melt

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Are you looking for superior home fragrance that captures the entire room? Then pick up one of the Sparkling Pieces today. There are a variety of scents to choose from and there are different shapes and colors too. There is a scent for every mood. Try the Cedarwood and Vanilla, for a calming mood, try the Hot cocoa, to bring back good memories, or try the Black Love when you are feeling a bit spicy. 


  • Comes as an assortment of colors. 
  • Because it will be an assortment of colors, you may receive two Bubble Yum! where one is pink and the other is green.
  • Colored with mica and pigments. 
  • Glitter on the top of every piece.
  • Comes with 2 pieces
  • Use in a wax warmer and follow the manufacturer's instructions on proper safety.