Luxury Mini Cups (1 ounce)

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Mini Cups are a great option for great home fragrance. Take the wax out of the container, by simply squeezing it on the sides. The wax will pop out and just insert it in the wax warmer of your choosing. For customizations, make note of the specifics in the notes section. 


  • For safety reasons, follow the proper protocols on the wax warmer of your choosing.
  • You also have the option to add a personalized factor to your wax melt.

Personalize My Wax

  •  What kind of accents can be added?

    • Glitter (small)- Silver and Gold
    • Chunky Glitter- Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Silver, Red
    • Sprinkles- Bunny Hop, Into the Night, Over the Rainbow, Unicorn

    Description of Fragrances

    1. Explosive Dreams: Bergamont, Green Tea leaves, Pink Freesia, Wild Patchouli
    2. Fly Fly Away: Exotic Flowers
    3. Fresh Breeze: Blended Fruits, Junipers, Jasmine
    4. Into the Woods: Balsamic blends of Resin and Wood
    5. Life Never Ends: Mandarin, Coconut water, Magnolias roses
    6. Pina Colada: Pineapple, Coconut, Peaches, Tonka Bean
    7. Pink Paradise: Sparkling Peaches, Sweet Pear, Wild Berries
    8. Sweet Nothings: Cotton Candy, Fig Leaves, Bergamont, Mandarins 
    9. Sweet Roses: Roses, Violets
    10. Sweet Tulips: Tulips, Summer Breeze
    11. The Great Escape: Citrus, Jasmine, Lily, Musky Woods, Amber